Monday, December 22, 2008

Some things that make life fun…

I had a stressful day and I was down in the dumps so I decided to write about it. Then I thought it might be better to write about things that make me happy and make life worthwhile so I started to put down a list. By the time I finished writing, all my crankiness was gone and I was smiling. When I started out, I couldn't think of more than a few things but as I kept writing the list kept getting bigger and I realized that this list could go on and on ( Thank GOD for that).

So here is a list of few of the things that make me smile. I hope it brings a smile to your face and if you are motivated to create your own list, share it with me.

· Sharing a joke with friends
· Seeing my son do silly little ‘tricks’ to attract our attention
· Hearing my son sing to himself when he is immersed in a toy or an activity
· Learning Kuchipudi
· Dancing on stage
· Eating Ice-cream in winter
· Winters in Delhi
· Meeting old friends and reliving some of the best moments together
· Loving someone J
· Spending time with good friends
· Enjoying a comedy movie with friends
· Laughing just because you are around people you love
· Looking forward to tomorrow…
· Getting some unexpected money
· Travelling to interesting places
· Listening to favorite songs while driving
· Being a part of an interesting conversation
· Giving up small luxuries to add money to my charity bucket
· Laughing without a reason
· Hearing something good about yourself through the grapevine
· Doing something nice for the people you love
· Bickering with my sisters (even on the phone)
· Deciding what to wear to an ‘important’ occasion
· Finding a good ‘deal’ while shopping
· Being able to be bratty around my parents (even at 30)
· Seeing the one you love happy
Keep Smiling...